We have changed the way engineering modifications are delivered

Driving down the costs of maintaining ageing oil and gas assets

Step Change Engineering’s capabilities encompass a powerful combination of integrated design, engineering and project management services. Our services focus on smaller brownfield projects, modifications and repair orders, with the team’s diverse expertise covering all engineering and project management disciplines.

The team at Step Change Engineering consists of individuals who are regarded as the best in their respective fields. Recognising the challenges associated with maintaining ageing oil and gas assets, we operate in a dynamic company environment, which fosters innovation, flexibility, efficiency and commitment.

We pride ourselves on reacting swiftly to serious issues and urgent repair jobs to ensure that clients’ assets remain operational and safe. Company owner involvement is guaranteed on each scope, ensuring commitment and successful delivery.

Step Change Engineering works in a different way to obtain safe, high-quality cost-effective results on smaller engineering projects and modifications:

  • Our systems significantly reduce the manhours required to deliver projects
  • We will not add a 30-40% project management fee
  • We will lump sum projects to give you assurance of costs and reduced risk to you
  • We are open to discounting guaranteed volumes of work
  • We can assist in the screening of your modifications and repair orders so that only those scopes that are really necessary are progressed
  • We are using recent technology to eliminate offshore surveys.

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