Modifications & Repair Orders

Our repair order and minor brownfield modifications business stream handles high volume work efficiently and cost effectively using innovative 3D data capture technology and the latest design systems. We have developed a unique workflow that auto-generates fabrication deliverables and workpacks directly from our design applications software. The workflow reduces engineering costs by over70% and shortens delivery schedules by 90% for typical minor modifications.

Modifications Workflow

Step Change Engineering’s streamlined workflow provides a perfect solution to brownfield modifications and repair orders. Scopes can be delivered significantly quicker, cheaper and more efficiently than using conventional approach. 

Step Change Engineering has pioneered a highly automated and streamlined process for “like-for-like” repair orders and small to medium sized modifications.  The full workflow covers all stages of a project scope from work initiation, technical appraisal, conceptual study and detailed design through to procurement, delivery of materials, offshore construction support and closeout.

The process comprises the following core elements:

  • Data Capture
  • 3D Modelling
  • Automated Deliverables Output

The detailed workflow is flexible and can be tailored to suit a client’s specific requirements and procedures.



The ability to capture 3D data quickly and auto-generate deliverable can result in significantly reduced project schedules and costs.

For example, piping isometric drawings can be auto-generated with detailed fabrication information including the necessary piping cut lengths and weld preparation details which avoids the need for the fabricator to mark-up the drawings (as would be the case traditionally) and this further helps to reduce overall delivery time.   

Typically for simple scopes, the entire process from data capture, design, fabrication and materials delivered to site can be completed in a matter of days rather than weeks or months using the conventional approach.

Cost savings can exceed 70% with corresponding schedule reductions of up to 90%.


Elimination of Site Surveys

Many of our clients have adopted our approach of utilising hand held scanning technology to gather ‘as-built’ 3D plant data.

Client personnel can be fully trained in under 4 hrs to use the scanners. For small modifications the scanning and data capture process takes minutes to gather the relevant information, which can be emailed to our office based design team.

This is particularly useful for offshore and remote facilities as it negates the need for the design team to travel to site, saving time, helicopter seats, bed space and helps reduce risk by eliminating personnel exposure to the offshore environment.


Auto Generation of Workpacks in 4 hrs

We have developed our software to auto generate fabrication drawings and workpacks directly from the 3D modelling environment. This not only saves considerable engineering time, but also provides the fabricator with fit for purpose drawings and a full bill of materials negating the need to mark-up drawings with cut lengths, numbers of welds and to have to prepare a full BOM. This ultimately saves you time and money.

Auto generation of workpacks ensures consistency in format and quality of delivery. If the design is changed for any reason, the work pack and fabrication drawings are automatically updated, thereby removing potential errors.


Fixed Fee Projects

We offer a range of flexible commercial models to suit our clients’ requirements.

For well-defined scopes we can offer lump sum prices for engineering and design including fabrication where we have obtained material quotations.

Our fixed price models are highly competitive and scalable to suit modification scopes of different sizes and complexity. Discounts may also be applied for guaranteed high volumes that enable even greater efficiencies in the design process.

The commercial model best suited to your specific needs can be tailored to ensure that you receive the benefits of our efficient workflows without risk and exposure to project cost escalation.