Industry Cost reduction Need Driving Step Change Engineering’s Growth

The oil and gas industry’s need to reduce capital expenditure costs is driving growth at an Aberdeen engineering and design business.

Step Change Engineering, established eight months ago, has secured a clutch of new orders in the last two months as a result of its ability to deliver significant cost and schedule savings to clients by efficient use of engineering systems and new technology.

With a combined value of £500,000, the orders are the direct result of operators demanding more efficient delivery mechanisms as they seek to reduce the cost of maintaining ageing assets. The majority of these orders are for minor brownfield modification projects, however the firm has also been approached to undertake larger multidiscipline projects.

Utilising the latest 3D data capture technology and advanced engineering software, Step Change Engineering has delivered savings to clients of up to 50% in respect of project schedules and expenditure. Working closely with fabricators, the firm has been able to improve efficiencies by reducing the deliverables required for each project to a minimum.

Technical director Colin Bruce said: “We have invested heavily in our systems and processes to the point where we can now auto generate fabrication drawings with a full bill of materials. The whole process from offshore 3D scan to the start of fabrication is now hours rather than weeks.”

Managing director John Wilson, technical director Colin Bruce and consultancy director Satnam Shoker

(L to R) Managing director John Wilson, technical director Colin Bruce and consultancy director Satnam Shoker

The firm’s growing order book has resulted in it strengthening its hand-picked workforce, which now stands at around 40. It underlines the firm’s decision to relocate to offices in Regent Centre earlier this year, which provides scope for further expansion. Step Change Engineering remains on target to turn over £1.5million in 2015.

Managing director, John Wilson, said: “Over the past eight months we have witnessed the oil and gas industry reigning in its expenditure, and the impact this has had on people and companies. As an industry we need to work in partnership in order to sustain its future viability and operators have quite rightly started doing this by re-evaluating expenditure in order to reduce costs.

“The team at Step Change Engineering have reduced costs by 50% on minor modifications, with even greater schedule savings. We have also worked with operators to remove unnecessary activities and even scopes.”

Step Change Engineering is an Aberdeen-based engineering and design business focussed on changing the way in which repair orders, minor modifications and small brownfield projects are delivered to the oil and gas industry. Working closely with operators and fabricators, the firm aims to remove non-essential engineering activities, while maximising the use of fit-for-purpose technology to provide cost savings of at least 30%.

For further information, please contact Step Change Engineering at or 01224 460460.