Project Delivery

Step Change Engineering offers a comprehensive, multi-discipline engineering and project management service for delivering a wide range of brownfield projects from small system improvements through to highly complex multi-million pound upgrades.

Our capability includes, but is not limited to, expertise in the following areas:

  • Project Management
  • Projects Delivery
  • Detailed Engineering Design
  • Facilities Upgrades/ Modifications
  • Shutdown Scope Delivery
  • Construction Support
  • Interface Management
  • Procurement Services
  • QA/ QC
  • Fabrication Support Services
  • Project Peer Reviews
  • 3D Modelling
  • Technical Safety Engineering
  • HAZOP/ HAZID/ SIL Review
  • Process Engineering
  • Piping Layout Engineering & Design
  • Structural Engineering & Design
  • Piping Stress & Structural Analysis
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Instrumentation & Control Engineering & Design
  • Electrical Engineering & Design

We have a full EPCM capability covering a wide range of offshore and onshore facilities.

Our web-based integrated business management system minimises project overheads and provides fast, accurate reporting with significant cost and schedule savings throughout the project execution phase.

We have developed a flexible and scalable execution model that allows us to deliver fit-for- purpose solutions quicker and more cost effectively than our competitors, without compromising safety or quality.

Our objective on every project is to apply our significant industry experience and high performance company culture to deliver solutions that will consistently exceed your expectations.


Project Management

Step Change Engineering has significant expertise in delivering oil & gas projects. Our experienced Project Managers have a detailed understanding of the unique challenges presented by the offshore operational environment and its key drivers such as cost, schedule, HSE and the many technical and logistical issues such POB constraints, space/ weight limitations, constructability,  complexity of systems integration and production shutdown requirements.

One of our primary areas of focus throughout the project delivery stage is therefore risk management. We have developed in-house systems and processes that ensure all project risks including commercial, business and technical are identified and appropriately mitigated to provide a ‘no surprises’ outcome for all key stakeholders.

To facilitate efficient project delivery we utilise a fully integrated project management tools that provide accurate and immediate information without the time lag often associated with standalone systems. 

Our project management capability covers a wide range of management services from standalone brownfield modification scopes through to handling your entire asset integrity and upgrade requirements. Significant cost and schedule savings can be realised by batching modifications and/or repairs into larger packages of work.  

For larger development projects we can provide a number of tailored solutions to suit your requirements including project management services on behalf of our clients to manage greenfield developments/ projects and full EPCM services for delivery of brownfield modification scopes.

Please feel free to contact us for further details on our project management capability.


Detailed Engineering

Step Change Engineering is continuously challenging the conventional approach to delivering engineering and design scopes. Where possible we have sought to maximise the use of technology using fit for purpose applications, automated the preparation of deliverables, eliminated preferential engineering, challenged unnecessary scope and reduced superfluous documentation. Our differentiators have resulted in a significant reduction in overall engineering & design manhours and schedules

We have invested significant development time and effort in assessing the best available systems, tools and processes, particularly for piping and structural activities which traditionally absorb a large amount of design time.

Our selected systems have been carefully tailored to meet the needs of the business and consist of fully integrated software applications that allow data to be accessed within a seamless environment.

All engineering and design work is delivered through our Engineering Management System which includes core elements comprising, organisation and competency; detailed processes & procedures; engineering systems, assurance and best practice contained within a structured management framework.



Our procurement service includes purchase of fabricated materials and proprietary equipment/ packaged items for and on behalf of our clients. Our range of procurement activities include:

  • Long lead items (identification, planning, risk mitigation)
  • Approved vendor list & vendor pre-qualification
  • Enquiry packages/ Material Requisitions
  • Vendor response evaluation & recommendation
  • Award and Purchase Order issue
  • Expediting and materials management
  • QA/ QC
  • FAT/ Inspection/ material release  
  • Logistics
  • Vendor documentation
  • Invoice control and Purchase Order close-out

Cost Estimating

Step Change Engineering has developed a robust and consistent cost estimating methodology that is applied at each project stage. The level of design definition available determines the estimate accuracy level.

In order to ensure the highest level of accuracy, each estimate is based on individual discipline material take-offs, fabrication norms and/ or quotations, equipment costs and construction manhours. This detailed and systematic build-up greatly reduces the levels of uncertainty and improves the accuracy to allow estimates to be carried forward with confidence into later project stages.

If survey or model data is available, piping and structural bills of materials can be automatically generated from the 3D model to significantly increase the level of confidence in the estimate

The engineering and design estimates are based on detailed manhour estimates using our internal company norms for each activity. Fabrication norms may be used where fabrication quotations are not available. Our detailed construction norms database is used to provide accurate construction manhours and schedules based on direct and indirect manhours that take account of the complexities of brownfield work.

Each estimate build-up is based on a series of work breakdown structures to allow detailed planning throughout the engineering and construction stages.


Project Controls

Step Change Engineering utilises a fully integrated web-based Business and Project Management system that provides a comprehensive data store for timewriting, progress reporting, cost control, purchasing and invoicing.

The system offers significant efficiencies and helps reduce overall project controls costs. Some of its main advantages include:

  • Web based easy access
  • Fully integrated, single data entry
  • Minimal project controls input
  • Accurate weekly cost & progress reporting
  • Project summary dashboards with live status information
  • Client access to project dashboards


Step Change Engineering will develop all of the necessary design drawings and documentation required for construction including construction workpacks containing detailed method statements, job cards, certification requirements and risk assessments.

In addition, as part of the design process, the site construction supervisory team is invited to review and input to the design at the earliest stages to ensure complete alignment, including participation in constructability reviews and other similar forums.

In cases where Step Change Engineering is required to provide site construction labour, we would typically engage one of our selected construction partners. In these instances, throughout the construction stage, full technical and commercial management and accountability for the project would be retained by our management team.