Colin Bannerman - Head of Structural Design

Colin Bannerman

Colin's considerable structural design experience and his on-time, on-budget management focus have paid dividends for his clients.

Colin began his design career in shipbuilding 34 years ago and moved into the oil and gas service industry in 1988, initially designing accommodation modules and heli-fuel packages before moving onto major topsides refurbishments. Working on both fixed and floating facilities, including gas compression modules, water injection and subsea tie-backs led him to the position of head of structural design for a global oil and gas service company where he had been for the past nine years.

It was here that his management focus on the delivery of high quality, accurate and innovative solutions for their clients was identified and led to his role being widened to include the management of 94 structural designers across the UK. This position covered staff development and recruitment as well as ensuring that the company's high corporate standards were maintained, particularly when delivering consistently best-fit, cost-effective solutions for long-term clients.

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